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Green Christmas Cards – Jacquie Lawson ecards

UPDATE: our 2011 J Lawson review.

The most eco-friendly way to send holiday greetings is via e-cards.  Beautifully animated, green holiday cards are not an easy find. But thanks to a tip from Jamie, I joined jacquie lawson‘s greeting card site earlier this year, whereby you can send e-cards to friends and family all year long.


Love the Olive Tree, Tannenbaum, Dancing Piper, Sugar Plum Fairy and Christmas Fishbowl animations.  Preview the designs before signing up. No wasted paper, money on stamps, and transportation energy need to deliver your holiday greetings. Paper cards are also available on her site for any folks who may not be computer savvy. A full year membership is only $12.

Their newest winter/holiday cards are here. more @

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

JumpStart to Green kit – get your green on

Here’s another green holiday gift idea.


Jumpstart to Green is a unique kit that will accelerate your efforts to go “green.”  The kit provides you with a great collection of products and tools specifically chosen to help you make the move to a greener lifestyle.  Included are fluorescent light bulbs, a zip-top insulated grocery bag and a shower timer, along with a variety of other green products, ideas and resources.  You’ll increase your knowledge and awareness of what it takes to lead a more eco friendly lifestyle as the kit pays for itself in water and energy savings.

Jumpstart to Green offers three kits, priced from $39.99 for the Holiday Kit, to $89.99 for the Jumpstart Complete kit (pictured above) @

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stylish eco friendly t-shirts – sustainabiliTee


Searching for a holiday gift for yourself or a friend?


Up both your green and cool quotients 10-fold by purchasing one of these brain-activating t-shirts from Sustainabilitee.  The hand drawn, hand printed tees are shipped to you in a 100% post-consumer recycled envelope.  Look and feel great while you deliver that eco message.


SustainabiliTee was created to fund founder Emily Dodge’s eco-conscious animation projects created from recycled materials.  Dozens of designs to choose from.

$26 in 100% organic cotton or $38 in their eco-heather blend

more t’s after the jump


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a mixed bag of green news


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Say Aloe to your Health

By now, almost all of us have experienced the Aloe Vera plant’s ability to swiftly transform burns and other surface wounds into beautiful new tissue. Once applied to the skin, the plant has been shown to treat warts, provide dermal hydration, exhibit antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, and reduce inflammation, itching and psoriasis.


Having demonstrated the capacity to boost our body’s maintenance and healing abilities, the Aloe Vera plant also holds many more tricks (more…)

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