Times are hard, gifts should be inexpensive.  Here are a few sustainable stocking stuffers.

Keep your dome warm with one of these beanies from action sports hat maker, Bula; they’re part of their Green Line which features a wide variety of beanies made from sustainable materials. They contain bamboo/wool and recycled fleece blends, and all have a great look. For snowboarding, outdoor action and urban pub crawling.  Most go for $25 – more info @ bulabula.com

il_fullxfull.47845680.jpgThese interchangeable pendants (I love this owl pictured at right), are constructed from upcycled Scrabble tiles adorned with tiny art to create unique and affordable jewelry – designed and created by HomeStudio.  Chains sold separately.

$6.95 each @ etsy.com or get a set of four for $25

24oz_CleanClever_grn_1.jpgWant to take a really big step toward being a more evolved ‘green’ person? Start by pouring that agua from your kitchen tap into a reusable, BPA-free, water bottle like this 24 oz. model from Aladdin.

Stop filling your shopping cart and the landfill with bottled water containers, and start saving some money.  Fits in most car cup holders. Comes in blue, green and purple.

$11.99 @ aladdin-pmi.com

solarcalculator1_1.jpgMy guess is that this solar calculator (on left) is targeting the quickly expanding green accountant demographic. Great for balancing the books deep in the outback or the Amazon jungle.

Kinda cool looking  $8 @ brando.com.hk

conchordsmousepad.jpgUpgrade from that tattered Nine Inch Nails mousepad you’ve been scrolling over for the last 10 years to this nifty recycled rubber mousepad featuring the visages of HBO mega-stars, Jemaine and Bret, the frontmen of digi-folk band, Flight of the Conchords.

$9.99 @ hbo.com