A Tried and True, Green Products Review

Love sparkling water but hate schlepping bottles home and experiencing the eco-guilt of tossing the empties?  Me, too.  One solution…we just started using The Penguin, a sleek DIY soda-making machine, and it’s great!


We’re saving money, time, energy and significantly reducing our impact on the environment. Here are just a few of the upsides of the Sodastream:

  • saves lots of money
  • no schlepping heavy bottles or cans from the store all the way home
  • no need to store bottles in your home
  • no need to recycle or trash empty bottles and cans
  • no batteries or electricity required
  • no need to manufacture bottles and cans for your soda consumption
  • no need to ship and transport soda from facility to market for you
  • turns tap water into sparkling water with a few pumps
  • builds upper arm strength (kidding… sort-of)
  • more environmental benefits, here.
  • I’m not a soda lover, but I am a Pellegrino lover.  Now all I do is fill up my new Penguin with tap water and start pumping.  Once it’s carbonated, I then add a twist of orange, lemon or lime and enjoy my refreshing, homemade bubbly!

    Although I haven’t personally tried them, the company does offer MYWater essences (sans calories or sugar) for folks looking for more flavor options. Be sure to read the labels carefully on their Sodamix flavors – some contain a combo of both natural as well as artificial flavorings.  But I’m told that Sodastream is concocting all-natural-based flavors without any artificial sweeteners which should be ready by spring.

    Okay, so how much will it cost?  Well that depends… there are a few different models and kits available. The Penguin Starter Kit is available online for about $200. This kit gets you up and running.  After about 120 carafes of sparkling water, the Carbonator will need replacing. Replacements cost about $11-12.50/each. Be sure to check out the details here.  You might also want to consider the features and benefits of both the PURE soda maker as well as the Fountain Jet models.

    When we considered the amount we’ve spent on sparkling water and soda over the course of a year, we were easily convinced that The Penguin makes a great investment.  Add to that your reduced overall impact on the environment, and you come out way ahead of the game.

    Visit sodastream for more info. Check out the video.  Where to buy?  Either online or go here for a list of retailers.