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Green Gifts: Christmas, AC-Style

agg6.jpgHere’s Amanda’s selection of planet-pleasing gifts for the holidays.  Make merry!

For Guys and Gals Alike:

Help your tobacco-targeting friends protect the environment by giving their butts a clean destination. The Stick your BUTTsOUT Pocket Ashtrays allow smokers to enjoy the outdoors without polluting it or setting it ablaze. Each ashtray is small enough to fit inside stockings or open hands, and comes alongside a cute little butt that is sure to light up the holidays.

ankleliteani.gifGive the gift of a shrinking carbon footprint by supporting your local bike shop and purchasing a means to commute the town while saying no oil and global warming. Spin in a solar powered ankelite for an extra glow in your loved one’s eye.

agg4.jpgWith holiday feasts and New Year’s resolutions around the corner, the ergonomically designed bamboo Edward Salad Hands allow roughage seekers to enjoy every helping of garden gifts with eco-friendly style. Toss in some Evert-Fresh Green Bags to ensure that no good intentions go to waste.

agg7.jpgPerfect for any of your tree-hugging, fire-dancing friends who’ve been forced kicking and screaming into the modern technological arena, the 1GB Twig Memory Sticks are sure to add an element of peace to any day spent toiling within the matrix.

agg1a.jpgSmiles are sure to be given by that difficult person on your list when they receive an Organic Hemp Bathrobe.  Perfect for anytime of year, this sustainable robe is incredibly soft and full of many cozy times ahead.

For the Little Tikes:
agg2.jpgFew things are more important than fostering an understanding and appreciation for the Earth within a child’s developing mind. Do so with the help of pictures, problems, and facts from the Discovery channel’s Planet Earth Monopoly Game.  Challenging fun for kids of all ages.

agg1.jpgWant to give big? Adopt a gorilla. Really. Your donation will help to ensure these magnificent creatures’ future survival in the wild, while providing your mailbox with updates and pictures on the Infant, Infant/Mother pair, or Silverback of your choice.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

eco chic weekly

This week’s roundup of eco chic happenings brought to you by a select group of hopelessly green galpals.


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Aveda – Continuous Caps

Although conscious consumers wisely use their thinking caps to refrain from purchasing disposable products, good intentions don’t always prevail outside of the home.  This regrettably translates into billions of plastic caps that keep water, juice, ketchup, mayonnaise, laundry detergent, milk and shampoo, etc contained. The bulk of these caps unfortunately won’t be recycled due to their rigid makeup of polypropylene plastic, and will instead spend their lengthy lives either within a landfill, or joining the floating toxic mass that currently disrupts the lives of marine animals with discomfort and then death.


Thankfully, an answer’s been delivered to us via a company utilizing warehouses with floors of recycled tires, roofs shielded in solar panels, and run completely on green energy. The company is Aveda, the same business that’s invested immense effort in decreasing amounts of packaging material while utilizing at least 80% PCR (post consumer recycled content) plastic in their bottles and tubes.

With their help you can Aveda tragic situation and allow your plastic caps to maintain a future purpose. Simply gather your rigid plastic caps made of polypropylene plastic (sometimes noted with a 5 in the chasing arrows recycling symbol); and provide them a ride to your nearest Aveda store (or participating salon) where they will be on their way to becoming part of the next generation of caps and containers. Please visit to learn more.

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Divine Chocolate – divine on so many levels


I’ve got a sweet tooth like no other, especially for chocolate, and right now my favorite nighttime (actually, anytime) treat is dark chocolate from the aptly named Divine Chocolate company.  I first discovered this brand at a specialty food shop in New York, but since moving to London, where it was first sold and is well-loved by the Brits, I’ve become a huge fan (find Divine near you).  Just one bite can put a big, chocolaty smile on my face. Maybe that’s the endorphins talking, or perhaps it’s because with every bite, I know I’m supporting a group of Fair Trade cocoa farmers in Ghana.


Divine Chocolate was actually founded in Ghana in the ’90s by a farmer’s co-op called Kuapa Kokoo – meaning good cocoa growers.  The farmers decided to come together and form the Kuapa Kokoo cop-op because they saw an opportunity to organize in an industry where their voices were not being heard.  They established Kuapa Kokoo to empower farmers in their efforts to gain a dignified livelihood, to increase women’s participation in all of Kuapa’s activities, and to develop the environmentally friendly cultivation of cocoa.  The co-op’s membership grew quickly, and through its commitment to the sale of chocolate to the Fair Trade market, it was able to return more and more benefits to its farmers.  Today Divine Chocolate is a leading Fair Trade brand in the UK.  You can read all about the wonderful Kuapa Kokoo co-op and how it grew into Divine Chocolate at the website DivineChocolateUSA.

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a mixed bag of green news


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