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Spirit Beauty Lounge – an eco-chic online boutique

a tried and true green product review

I’d like to share with you a tried and true experience I recently had with a new online boutique – Spirit Beauty Lounge – whereby you can pick and choose from some of the best organic, cruelty-free, Fair Trade made, beauty and lifestyle brands available, all under one Earth-friendly roof.  Founded by organic beauty maven, Spirit Demerson, she and her staff diligently research and test all product ingredients and verify all company eco-policies and ethical standards for us, so we can go about our business, and shop worry-free.


Spirit features only those brands that make the grade. Each product in (more…)

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

YoGen Max – are you ready for ‘footpower’

Got nervous energy to spare?  Are you a compulsive toe-tapper – then this may be the charger for you.


Soon you may be able to pump up your laptop’s battery while you sit there scouring Craig’s List or Facebook for that next special someone to stalk.  A company called Easy Energy is developing a family of devices that utilize kinetic energy to charge your laptop, gadgets and gizmos.  Easy Energy’s website doesn’t provide much info but the concept provides a new spin on off-grid power.

via: ecofriend

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Health by Hippocrates

After a year of elections, a failing economy, increasingly hectic routines and decreasingly nutritious meals, you may have come to the point where your mind and body are in desperate need of a vacation. Not a vacation that ends when your credit cards reach their max or when your baggage reaches your doorstep, but a vacation that continuously trickles through your life with offerings of health and harmony.


A retreat like this can be experienced through the Hippocrates Health Institute – a center recognized as the world’s number one teaching institute in helping individuals to cultivate their ultimate self through improved mental and physical health.

When you travel to West Palm Beach Florida and participate in their “Life Change Program,” you’ll soak up the same knowledge in detoxification and enzyme-rich nutrition that has helped heal thousands of individuals experiencing ailments ranging from muffin-top disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome (where thoughts of a good snack or nap are the only day dreams) to cancer, diabetes, leukemia and more. The process is aided by their Oasis Therapy Center’s usage of non-invasive procedures that include massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, shiatsu and more. You’ll also be shown meditation and positive thinking techniques that can free the mind and increase your potential.

This holiday season give yourself or someone you love the gift of relaxation and health through a lifestyle that enables one to live more in unison with themselves and with the Earth. Give the gift of Hippocrates.

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a mixed bag of green news


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