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Crop Organic Vodka taste test

crop1.jpgOur product testing lab (which has been working overtime this holiday season) has finally focused all its energy and expertise on making a comprehensive evaluation of the full line of Crop Organic vodkas.  Crop currently distills three variations of their organic vodka and, exhibiting altCon’s usual unflagging dedication to purpose, we extensively tested them all in a variety of social, geographic and atmospheric conditions. The results:

  • Cucumber – (70 proof) a mild cucumber essence makes this a delight to drink, especially for martini lovers, and those seeking a friendly, smooth and subtle libation with little aftertaste or burn…
  • Tomato – (70 proof) this variant has a refreshing tomato fragrance, a peppery, zingy flavor and the ability to brighten any Bloody Mary or penne alla vodka sauce…
  • Artisanal – (80 proof) as the name suggests this is a clean craftsman’s brew with an intense Stoli-like punch and a feisty after-burn for those who like to taste the real deal…


Crop creates their American vodkas from certified organic grain distilled and bottled in Minnesota.  Crop is distilled so efficiently that no carbon treatment or filtering is required.  The result is a clean, pure, American vodka highly rated by our tipsy test group.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Purely Anion Light Bulb – save energy, be happy

This new Purely Anion CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb) from Purely Enterprises is said by the company to be the “clean green light bulb.”


Not only does the bulb consume 5 times less energy than a standard incandescent bulb, but it contains a built-in negative ion generator that is reputed to reduce dust, remove cigarette smoke, help control pet dander and eliminate positive ions that are said to create that irritable, depressed version of yourself we see each holiday season.

available nationwide at your neighborhood Lowes

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HollyBeth’s natural body indulgences

Okay I admit it. I’m a beauty and skincare junkie, but it has to be green. So when the folks at HollyBeth’s Natural Body Products offered to send a few samples, I was more than ready to give them a try.


Here’s a little background about HollyBeth. First off, she is a real person, (unlike say, Ann Taylor or Laura Ashley) and she lives in Decatur, Georgia.  As the story goes, HollyBeth’s passion for homeopathic remedies blossomed into this lovely enterprise, whereby all products in the line are made with certified organic essential oils, free of chemical preservatives and synthetic colorings. In addition, these green goods are handcrafted in artisan batches to ensure freshness and quality.


The collection is currently comprised of: 4 face products, 4 body products and 4 scented candles. I had the pleasure of trying a few samples: (more…)

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a mixed bag of green news


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