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dog booties do’s and don’ts – by, seamus


seamus the eco dog files his Friday report

Fashion versus performance is always an issue pour moi.  In most situations I look for performance in a product and lift my leg on fashion. This conflict of style over substance leads me to consider the issue of footwear.

Should a dog boot or ‘bootie’ look like a human shoe or be designed for a dog’s foot?  Should it be fancy or forthright?  The ‘doggie sneakers‘ above look like they could fit reidogboot_1.jpgyour daughter Heather more comfortably than you pug, Sir James.

While the boot on the left from REI (home of serious, manly outdoors stuff) looks like it might get me up the slopes of Everest or safely over a glass-strewn block in the Bronx.  Remember dogs are dogs, and people (sometimes unfortunately) are people.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

a mixed bag of green news


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