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Solar iPhone Charger from Arcadia Solar

It’s the dead of winter as I type away steadfastly – snow and ice hanging off my every appendage…which I guess explains my fixation on all things solar, warm and tropical…

The consuming public’s hunger for anything iPhone-related has spawned another gadget for outdoorsy mountain climbers, wood nymphs, hikers and nomads – another solar iPhone charger.


This one’s marketed by Solar Arcadia and actually looks like it might hold together for more than a couple of weeks. Sports a lithium ion polymer battery and LED charge level indicators, SideFlip and Flip models.  Says it’s made of eco-friendly ABS sheepskin, maybe we should ask the sheep about that…


via: tuaw

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Monday, December 22, 2008

eco chic weekly

This week’s roundup of eco chic happenings brought to you by a select group of hopelessly green gal pals.

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eleek – designer lighting from recycled materials

Oregon-based Eleek makes some great looking, sustainable building parts and fixtures.  We previously took a look at their recycled aluminum countertops and tiles.


The lighting fixtures above are made from recycle aluminum or bronze (optional on the Spoon Pendant) and are intended for Halogen or LED bulbs.  Left to right are the Spoon, Normandy and Starlight Pendants. More designs and details on their lighting fixtures @

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a mixed bag of green news


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