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tips for choosing a dog – by, seamus the eco dog

Folks seem to get all warm and fuzzy around the holidays and start promising puppies, kittens and all things warm and cuddly (see the Obama dog promise).  If you are indeed seeking a canine companion for you or yours take some tips from a pooch in the know.

seamstudious___1_2_1.JPGSome sage advice if you’re seriously think about the responsibility of owning and caring for another creature.  Are you really home enough?  Do you have the time to properly walk, train and interact with a hound?  Are the members of your family ‘creature’ friendly?  Some tips:

  • Don’t rush out and buy the ‘pertiest’ purebred you can find.  Temperament trumps looks when you’re in the market for a dog or puppy.  Do your homework.  A mutt is often a better choice than a cranky, high strung show dog.
  • Avoid impulse buys from that puppy mill at the mall.  As cute as that Corgi may look in the store window that little fur ball can have some serious genetic, medical and psychological problems.
  • Consider a rescue dog or a dog from an animal shelter so you can bask in the good karma of saving a dog’s life.  Be prepared to perform a little doggie rehab to help the pooch over any trauma he may have endured before reaching your happy home.
  • Don’t be afraid to adopt an older dog who may be kid-friendly and possessing some skills and training. House breaking a pup can be a bitch.

Hope these tips are helpful.  I speak from experience.  My two siblings and I are all rescue dogs and we get along just fine with our extended family of 5, 2-legged creatures.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

a mixed bag of green news


  • Why Our Outlook for 2009 is Sunny – livescience
  • Nothing lower than a sheep rustler…Helping to Keep an Eye on Ewe – bbc
  • Ever try to get a sludge stain out of a white shirt Mr. Obama? Tenn. Sludge Spill Challenges ‘Clean Coal’ Future – discovery news
  • Let the year-end top ten lists begin…Most Viewed Photos of 2008 – natgeo
  • Alternative energy taken to a yucky extreme…Liposuction Doc Uses Human Fat for Fuel? – walletpop
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Holden ECO snowboard pants for chicks

Summer beach bunnies are now hopping onto the slopes all over the country. Thanks to outerwear manufacturer Holden, lassies can go drifter or gangster in unsurpassed ECO style.


The innovative outer fabric was created from recycled polyester and a solvent-free, waterproof, breathable laminate — reducing pollution and minimizing worker contact with harsh chemicals. These slim-fit snow slacks with a trouser cut feature: 2 front and 2 back pockets, inseam vents, gaiters, a belt and a slice of leather trim (an eco slight).  Note the zippers — they help regulate your body temp so you can stay cool and dry, inside and out.  more @ Holden

What are you still doing here?  Go play in the snow.  

Holden Casta Pant: ECO Ecot Womens @ backcountrygoat via ($229.95)

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