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PeaceKeeper – beyond body friendly beauty

There’s a wealth of beauty of all kinds to be found at PeaceKeeper Cause-metics.  Designed to practice truthfulness and promote non-violence, all after-tax distributable profits from PeaceKeeper products benefit women’s health advocacy and urgent human rights issues.


With founder Jody R. Weiss at the helm, she and her team work tirelessly to ensure that “no nasty” ingredients are used in the making of their cause-metics:  lip gloss, lip paint, lip balm, nail paint, nail paint remover.  Some of these certified organic beauty items are vegan-friendly, just check the list of ingredients in any given product.

It’s all about respect and compassion. Seek their reasonably priced goods and more info @

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

a mixed bag of green news


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Bushmeat Blues

chimpanzee1.jpgJust as many Americans travel into the wilderness to hunt elk, deer, boar, and pheasants, equatorial Africans search their forests each day for Duikers, Pangolins, elephants, and apes. In fact, this systematic hunting of various bush animals may be the final stroke that draws the magical existence of chimpanzees, Bonobos and gorillas to an end.

Before bewilderment runs wild on how humans could possibly be eating their sibling species to extinction, one must realize that the hunters are not engaging in this activity for sport, but as the only means available in keeping their families alive. This subsistence method has been utilized for thousands of years, and has only turned toward devastating dimensions upon the arrival of modern weapons, population explosions, and routes opened through previously impenetrable forests by foreign timber companies. It is now a commercial enterprise that has left regions of West Africa boasting rats as their largest wild mammal.

jgoodallchimp1.jpgA required reading for anyone hoping to preserve Africa’s diverse wildlife is Dale Peterson’s Eating Apes – a groundbreaking book that sheds light on this seldom recognized issue. Peterson demonstrates the strong connection between wood and meat industries by showing how African forests have become jigsaw puzzles of foreign concessions, and how guns are lent out (and transportation provided) in exchange for fresh meat. He also reveals that this crisis is fed not only by Africans and timber-men, but by a variety of industrialized cities across the world with a taste for the illegal meat.

As the famous primatologist Jane Goodall has announced, “You must read this book.” In the meanwhile, please visit, or for more information.

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Black and Decker Energy Saver Series – see where your energy goes

Leading power tool maker, Black and Decker, has seen the light and it’s ‘green.’  B&D has created its Energy Saver Series of energy monitoring tools to help you stop wasting energy and cash.


The Power Monitor (at left above) was the first energy saving gadget released in the Energy Saver product line.  An easy to install wireless sensor is attached to your electric meter to show your electrical power use, and to send the data to a wireless handheld monitor.  You program-in the rate that you pay per kilowatt (from your electric bill) and you can see in real time what leaving that computer on, using that toaster, or firing up that plasma screen is really costing you by turning stuff on and off.  Seeing is believing.

B&D’s latest addition to the series, The Thermal Leak Detector (above right – coming soon) does just that — it shows where your home or apartment is losing heat via electrical outlets, windows, and poorly insulated gaps in door jams and patio doors, so you can take positive steps to help reduce your heating and electric bill by stopping energy loss.  You set a reference temperature, point the device at the area you want to check and any change in temp is indicated by changing red and blue lights (hot or cold).

Stop guessing about your energy use and start saving money.  Knowledge is power.

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