Although toys are great for developing your child’s cognitive and motor skills while allowing you some “time off” from the role of entertainer, their appeal has been known to quickly decline in the rapidly evolving world of a youngster. When this occurs, boredom sets in and the emergence of a new toy appears to be the only solution. This all too common trend has been known to disrupt not only pocket books, but also the environment due to the presence of plastics and other persistent compounds within many common toys.


Fortunately for parents, a company called “rent A toy” has been created that can continually feed your child’s changing needs without feeding you more bills, or the environment more plastic.  Simply pick out the desired toys to be delivered to your door and trade them in for a new set once interest has faded- toy recycling at its best!  The company even has a special category of “eco-friendly toys” available and guarantees that all toys are safe from hazardous chemicals found in many toys today. All toys are thoroughly sanitized and tested for condition and usability between handlings, and can even be purchased at below retail price if any special connections are made.

This year, stop toying around by trying to make more space for unloved toys. Instead, give the eco-friendly gift of ongoing educational delight by starting a personalized plan or by purchasing a gift certificate for that special little someone in your life.