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Green Waves on White Slopes

For those of you depriving your carving bug of fluffy snow blankets due to the eco-cruel components comprising most snowboards, deny that bug no longer.


A handful of companies have understood your love for speed, air, and the environment, and have created boards that allow you to pull 180’s in eco-friendly bliss.

Burton, for instance, has produced the Eco Nico – perhaps one of the greenest boards available. As The New York Times points out, the Eco Nico’s few components are “a Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood core, a lacquer-free top sheet, 90-percent recycled steel edges, 100-percent recycled sidewalls and a 50-percent recycled base.”

libtechsnobrd1_1.jpgDon’t choose yet, however, as Mervin Manufacturing has also been lending your desires an earmuff through their Lib Tech and Gnu-brand snowboard lines. They use top sheets made of bio-plastics from castor beans, sustainable wood cores, basalt fiber in place of fiberglass, 100 percent recyclable bases, and are produced in a factory that doesn’t poison its workers or the environment (harder to find than you may think).

arborbrd1_1.jpggb6_1.jpgAnother significant contributor to this green wave on the white slopes is Arbor Snowboards. They’ve been using eco-technology to make natural boards since ’95 and donate 5-percent of each purchase to environmental groups like The Nature Conservancy.

Salomon also makes the nice list for their Green Initiative for Tomorrow (G.I.F.T)’s Sick Stick Snowboard – an award-winning ride consisting of a bamboo core, petroleum-free top sheet and lacquer, significantly reduced amounts of non-renewable materials, lighter overall board weight, and an accompaniment of a cotton-bamboo knit bag.

Which one will you choose to ride on?

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Moto R233 Renew – a greener cellphone

motorenew1.jpgCES is kicking off tomorrow so new product and gadget announcements and press releases will be flooding the internet.

Some of the stuff is going to be green like Motorola’s new Moto R233 Renew cellphone which is made from recycled water bottles and is fully recyclable. The Renew is also being touted as the first carbon neutral phone as the carbon dioxide required in manufacturing, distribution and operation is being offset by an investment in renewable energy sources via  The new phone will be sold at T-Mobile and will be priced “very reasonably”.

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a mixed bag of green news


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To Drain, or Not To Drain


Through visions of my mother’s stratified frozen grease jars and my father begging his household of hormonal women to brush their hair before taking a shower, preventing clogged drains has long been engrained within me. Clogged drains, and the larger issue of blocked sewer pipes, are caused over time as objects and substances make their way down our drain pipes and slowly build-up like a fatal plaque within our sewer systems.


These objects include: coffee grounds, kitty litter, cigarette butts, dirt, condoms, feminine napkins, facial tissues, dental floss, cotton balls/swabs, cleaning wipes, diapers, bandages, and the usual culprits of hair, excess cooking oils, large food particles, produce stickers, and powdered detergents. (more…)

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