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Cake bakes a solar album

The off-center, eco-conscious rock band, Cake, is recording their 6th album totally on renewable solar energy.


The band worked with Borrego Solar to erect a sparkling new solar array atop their recording studio.  The band also supports such non-rocker behavior as car-pooling, sweatshop-free t-shirts, voting and using re-usable shopping bags, which they sell for 5 bucks on their website. The album will drop in summer 2009.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pharmacopia Natural and Organic Bodycare

Thanks to the good folks of Pharmacopia, my body is being treated to some lusciously addictive lotions and potions that are organic, fair trade-made, and vegan.


I’m comatose ’til my morning shower. One sweet whiff and (more…)

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green news from CES 2009


Given the current economic climate it probably behooves you to suffer with that IPod Mini a little while longer. Fortunately we can still read about innovative green electronics and gadgets and dream of the day when we might consider buying one.  Some green news from that mecca of electronics excess, CES 2009:

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