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Wind Power – big ups in 2009?

The American Wind Energy Association (awea) is looking for wind power to continue be one of the fastest growing segments of new energy production in 2009, and Barack Obama’s push to double alternative energy production in the next 3 years as part of his economic stimulus plan can only help.


Wind power provided 35% of new power generating capacity (second to natural gas) in 2007 and will probably do so again when the stats for 2008 are tabulated.

Backed by a Democratic Congress the incoming Obama administration can be expected to: push alternative energy incentives and tax credits for both consumers and manufacturers, meet renewable energy as a percentage of total U.S. electric power generation (10% by 2012 and 25% by 2025), and fast-track a new national power grid. The implementation of a national Renewable Energy Standard (RES), which many states are adopting, can also be expected to fast track wind and solar energy projects.

Other changes and innovations expected or hoped for in 2009: an increase in community-based wind projects, standardized small wind standards, an increase in federal consumer tax credits (currently capped at 30% for 100kW), and increased support for wind power as part of our overall transition away from dirty-coal power generation to greener alternative energy sources.

Now about finding the cash for all this…

other sources: businesswire

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Friday, January 9, 2009

cmarchuska – stylish, affordable eco threads

A new, New York City-based designer, Christine Marchuska, will debut her Signature Collection — stylish pieces made from organic and recycled materials, at the ECOCOLLECTION/MAGIC fashion trade show in Vegas next month. Geared toward the young, socially conscious woman, these affordable basics represent a healthy, new direction for fashion. Easy pieces for a down to earth lifestyle.


Like what you see?  (from L to R, above)
If you happen to be traipsing round the lower east side, duck into one of our favorite NYC eco boutiques, Kaight, and try on Sylvia, created from an organic modal and silk blend — a modern take on a 60’s-inspired look.
Christine, made right here in NYC’s Garment District — made of 50% cotton and 50% modal fabric, with recycled buttons, in black only.

For t lovers like myself, be sure to check out Marchuska’s form fitting threads that you’ll want to wear bare. Tried and True personal fave:  mseries black long sleeve organic cotton t — great details on shoulder and cuff.  Kiva organic v in white/black.

find more @

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a mixed bag of green news


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bamboo dog collars – wagging green


I can picture it now.  Locked in an apartment in the big city and getting an urgent call from mother nature – I’ve got nothing to wear…The Fresh in the City buckle collar (top left) is the perfect eco-friendly fashion solution for canines who seamstudious___1_2_1.JPGneed to state both their cosmopolitan flair and their love of clean air.  The webbing is 100% undyed natural bamboo (goes against your fur) and artwork is affixed to 100% bamboo ribbon which is hand sewn onto the webbing.  The collars are made in the US of A.

If you’re more the daisy sniffing type the Honey Dog collar (top right) may be more to your liking.

The Wagging Green folks even donate 5% of their profits to environmental causes and make a bunch of other environmentally friendly collars and dog accessories.

style and function for $22 @

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anya hindmarch – what’s up with that?

“Anya Hindmarch has been awarded a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list in recognition for her contribution to the British fashion industry.”

Anya remarks, ‘It is an unbelievable honour to receive an MBE. I am so proud to be British and was very fortunate to be able to start my business in London. To go to the Palace and receive this award from our Queen will be a real ‘pinch yourself’ moment for me.’


A trendy, must-have fashion accessory disguised as an eco-friendly reusable bag.  Remember, there wasn’t a sustainable stitch on the thing. I must say, “unbelievable, indeed.”

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