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Toshiba Portege R600 gets top green ranking


If you’re looking for a greener notebook you might want to consider the Toshiba Portege R600 which scored as the greenest notebook in the recent Greenpeace Green Electronics rankings.

The R600 received the highest score for avoiding hazardous chemicals and got an additional point for using post-consumer recycled plastic parts.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

CURB – a green acronym for 2009


The new year ushers in an avalanche of ‘Trends for 2009’ posts and resolutions to get ‘greener.’  My contribution to the mudslide of eco-friendly pronouncements is my green acronyms for 2009 – C.U.R.B.

C – conservewaste less water, energy, time and materials.

Uunplug – go off-grid: walk, bike, hike and get out in nature.

R – reuse – bags, food containers, clothes, paper.  You get the idea.

Bbelieve – all the small changes made by individuals can make a giant difference.

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a mixed bag of green news


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nettiescrub – handmade green body care

I’ve heard that manicurist to the stars, Nettie Davis, knows hand and body care. So I gladly put a couple of her planet- and body-friendly products to the test.


What’s nice about using Nettie’s lemon soap bar is that my hands feel squeaky clean, and my spirits get a little lift, too.  The delicious scent is very refreshing.  No annoying residue with this lemon cake.  Must be the right balance of pure lemon and lemongrass essential oils, grape seed oil and Shea butter.

If your skin, like mine, is weather-challenged her body balm is great.  To keep my hands and legs from shriveling up, I’ve been treating them with Nettie’s lavender body balm.  It’s very concentrated, both in consistency and aroma. I only need a small dab to re-hydrate and bring those digits and appendages back to life. My cuticles and nails are happier, too. I’ve been tucking the reusable tin of balm into my handbag for fixes on the go. Be prepared – the pure French lavender essential oil may transport you to Provence.

Find these tried and true salvos on her site: lemon sheabar and lavender body balm to go.
She has handmade exfoliant, lip balm and candles, too.

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