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ZeroWater – 3 Great Green Giveaways

UPDATE:  January 23, 2009
Three readers have been selected at random, and officially won — Congratulations to:  Susan DeBourcy, First Place; Anna LeRoux, Second Place; and Tommy Johnson, Third Place! Many thanks to ZeroWater for partnering to offer such a great green giveaway, and also to everyone for participating.  Stay tuned for our next Green Giveaway which will begin very soon. And hey, let’s all continue to do our best to conserve water — every drop counts.

(original post follows)
This is an awesome Giveaway, sponsored by ZeroWater.  Three lucky readers will each receive a cool green prize, (applies to U.S. residents only). We’ve tested it, and now we use it all the time.


ZeroWater is a great way to filter your tap water — it removes 100% detectable dissolved solids, saves money by not buying bottled water, saves the earth by not adding empty plastic bottles to the landfill, makes your life easier by not schlepping bottled water into your home and having to recycle empties. (more info, here.)  And hey, the TDS Meter (valued at $30) is included FREE with each ZeroWater Pitcher and is not reflected in the value of each prize:

1st PLACE prize value: $80.00zw4.jpg
·        ZeroWater Pitcher
·        2x Filters
·        2x ZeroWater Sports Bottles (right)
·        TDS Meter

2ND PLACE prize value: $52.00
·        ZeroWater Pitcher
·        1x Filter
·        1x Sports Bottle
·        TDS Meter

3RD PLACE prize value: $40.00
·        ZeroWater Pitcher
·        1x Filter
·        TDS Meter

To enter: first visit Then enter a comment on this post telling us what you do to conserve water.
It’s that simple.
Entries must be received by 1pm, EST on Friday, January 23, 2009.

Prize notification: via email — be sure to add the following address to your email address book: m at

Random Drawing takes place on January 23, 2009. Three lucky winners will be selected and notified by email. (add: m at to your address book.) Winners need to reply to notification via email within 24 hours in order to claim their individual prize, otherwise their offer is null and void. The 3 lucky winners’ names will also be included on this post.

Thanks for reading The Alternative Consumer — start clicking and good luck! (one entry per person, of course.)

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Friday, January 16, 2009

moss carpet – a green concept


High concept?  Yes.  Functional?  Probably not so much.  Are you a closet wood nymph or elfin wood-being longing to add a more natural carpet to your lavatory?  kitchengarden_1.jpgThis Moss carpet, by Swiss designer La Chanh Nguyen, may withstand the assault of your size ten flippers but will definitely fall victim to your toxic male body spray.

Also designed by Nguyen, and obviously inspired by the Chia Pet, the Kitchen Garden (at right), is at the least an interesting living sculpture.  In an alternate universe, you can look for Rachel Ray to be hawking a full line of living kitchenware at your local Sam’s Club in the near future.

via: thetrendygirl

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a mixed bag of green news


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goodbye, G.W. – hello green

The great, global warming ‘denier’ is hanging up his spurs.


BUSHABDULLAH_1.jpgGeorge Bush is heading back to the ranch to break out the brush cutters, chainsaw and bass rod – oil companies and defense contractors should start fast-tracking a purchase order for a top-of-the-line, cushy seat on their board of directors for the consummate ‘decider,’ and soon to be ex-President.  Time for the cowboy to cash in those chips — he certainly earned them.  The man created an energy policy right out of the Exxon Annual Report and has kissed enough Saudi Princes to need a prescription for both ChapStick and lip gloss.  Not exactly a shining green legacy; (more…)

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eco dog boots that fit

It’s cold wet and icy outside. You’ve got to do your ‘bidness.’  Some do-gooder has covered the sidewalk with rock salt or some other toxic, ice melting material – time to break out the doggie footwear.


seamstudious___1_2_1.JPGOnce again, my friends at Olive Green Dog have found a product that gets the job done better and greener.  Pawz is the world’s only disposable, natural rubber dog boot designed to go on easily and fit securely without zippers, straps or Velcro.  These biodegradable, booties let a hound feel the ground while remaining fully protected from the crap that’s on it.  Slide ’em on and hit the streets!

in a variety of sizes and fashionable colors- $14 @
(OliveAC = code for 15% off)

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