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fastest charging e-bike: schwinn tailwind

Coming soon to a bike shop near you…an update on the Schwinn Tailwind.


Schwinn and Toshiba have partnered to create the Tailwind which will charge in a sizzling 30 minutes when plugged into a standard 110 volt outlet.  You can turn on and off the power assist as needed.  The Tailwind, which only charges via outlet, should be available right about now…

retails for $3,199

our previous post on the Schwinn Tailwind

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Monday, January 19, 2009

5 Faves – Green Architectural Design Projects

Here’s a roundup of some amazing, green architectural projects that were either announced or completed this past year.


(photo above) – Bahrain World Trade Center
A landmark in green architecture, the Bahrain World Trade Center is an environmentally sophisticated commercial development that incorporates wind turbines directly into its structural design.  Sure, the skyscraper looks modernly cool, but there’s a detailed science behind the design.  The shape of the towers acts as aerofoils, accelerating wind velocity between the giant turbines.  It’s estimated to generate 11 to 15 percent of the towers’ energy needs, enough to light 300 homes for over a year.


(above) – School of Art, Design and Media
At the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, the School of Art, Design and Media utilizes green roofing in a modern way.  The green roof stretches across the five-story building, blending into its surrounding landscape, while providing several environmental advantages.  It is as visually pleasing as it is functional.  Green roofs are reported to absorb up to 70 percent of rain runoff, thereby preventing pollution of waterways.  In addition, green roofs absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to reduce carbon emissions, and also provide natural insulation for the building, reducing energy costs.  This innovative design combines modern architecture with green concepts, yielding a truly amazing setting for an art school.    (more…)

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eco chic weekly

This week’s roundup of eco chic happenings brought to you by a select group of hopelessly green gal pals.


  • Don’t miss Victoria Everman‘s exclusive GIVEAWAY of an eco chic reusable bag from Envirosax’ Botanica collection – contest ends Tuesday, 1/20.
  • Green Grechen shines the spotlight on three of Portland, Oregon’s top independent and eco-friendly designers.
  • Green Cotton features Print Pattern Paper’s eco-totes and art — where whimsical designs are applied to all sorts of Fair Trade and organic cotton bags, from stylish lunch totes to library and market totes.
  • And in case you missed it, here’s how to protect your four-legged friend’s paws from winter’s worst: smart and comfy, biodegradable booties in natural rubber — here @ altCon.

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Equita – ethical threads on sale

There’s a winter sale going on at Equita, up to 70% off on many items — clothing for guys and dolls; Fair Trade and environmentally responsible Veja Grama sneakers for him; Rich Hippie Rock Star Organic Perfume; black, Biker-Inspired organic cotton jacket by Fin; and sexy, Fair Trade, handcrafted jewelry.


If you need a new pair of jeans, now’s a good time pick up a pair of designer denim in organic cotton.  You can’t beat them for comfort, and style. All of the above are regularly in the $190 range, and now reduced to about $90. find @

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sustainable designer furniture @ Urban-Diversions

Manufactured in Michigan from vintage reclaimed wood by designer Dale H. Campbell these limited edition chairs are featured at the Urban-Diversions retail store in Traverse, Michigan.


The ‘Marsh Grass’ chair (above) is constructed of sustainable walnut and cypress. The lounge chair seat and back are created from solid walnut planks and adjust with a simple movement. The artfully placed cypress spindles give the sense of viewing natural marsh grass.


The traditionally styled ‘Barn Beam’ lounge chair (above) is built from (more…)

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