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innovative prefab home design – piero ceratti

Milan-based architect, Piero Ceratti’s House_17, a prefab concept home, has some attractive design features.


A glass enclosure with curtains creates a connection and flow with the landscape.  Living quarters in the rear provide privacy, while the open floor plan creates a sense of space and freedom.  Add some solar panels, a gray water recapture system or green roof and you’ve got a stylishly sustainable domicile.




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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a mixed bag of green news


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retro or green valentine’s day cards

Today we can really sweet talk in a style that reflects who we are, (or wanna be).  Here are a few cool finds that have your sentimental side covered — whether retro, digital or eco.


(above) Go ahead, date yourself.  “You’re out of this world” kitschy, nostalgia cards.  This collection coincides with the first US space satellite launch of 1958.  Only $4.49 for a set of 10.
Aptly available at


(above, L) Show how love grows by giving a plant-able “post card” handmade with recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Comes with an envelope and planting instructions; packaged in a biodegradable bag, and 10% of proceeds are donated to charities. 
Be Mine; I Like You; You’re Cool a set of 6 for $12 via retrowhale @ etsy. Only one set left, but she has other plantable cards in stock as well.

(above, R) Join for an annual fee of $12, and send e-cards to anyone with an email address.  Super eco-friendly (no paper, no stamps, no energy required for delivery) — you just can’t beat that! Pictured above, “bubble bath” from Jacquie Lawson animated valentine e-cards.

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obama waltzes into the white house

ok, so it wasn’t a waltz…


Didn’t you love Stephen Colbert’s t-shirt: “Yes, I Did Think I’d Live to See the Day”

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