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Universol Aromas – essentially illuminating

Anyone who lights a candle in their home knows the value of that little flicker of light — instant ambience.  Especially when the temps drop (it’s freezing in nyc right now), that tiny flame can exude allure, romance and quiet comfort.  For the past several nights I’ve been enjoying a few minutes of relaxation by simply lighting a candle, whiffing an exotic dose of Hawaiian Guava aromatherapy, and watching the light and shadows dance about the room. As ridiculous as it sounds, it’s a nice way to unwind before hitting the hay.


Universol Aromas offers: pure essential oils, 100 percent premium natural soy candles (either with or without scent), room spray, and aroma reed diffusers. Their scented candles are instilled with pure essential oils, and come in an array of 60 different variations. This earth-friendly group is mindful of their impact on the environment and strives to minimize their footprint every step of the way, using: cotton/hemp wicks; non-GMO, herbicide and pesticide-free soybean crops grown in the USA; aluminum travel tins or glass containers that can be reused or recycled; and biodegradable or green recycled peanuts from 100 percent post-consumer materials for shipping.

Eco upsides to soy:  there’s no petroleum used in crafting the wax (soy (more…)

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

sweet, green baby maryjanes

Check out these “cherry,” black felt, handmade babies.


Paired with striped leggings and a sweater, tights and a dress, or denim overalls & t for hanging out — your mini-me will kick-it with eco style. Available in 0-18 months.
find @ AureliaandAnnalise via etsy, ($21.99)

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The Sad Truth Behind E-Waste

tbc1.jpgThere’s no denying that we live in a technological age where electronics have become the trendiest craze.  In the past decade, we’ve witnessed our television sets transform into the thinnest of flat screens.  We’ve thrown out our VCR’s for DVD players.  Cassette and CD players are now a thing of the past, having been replaced by mp3 players and the iPod.  In April 2007, Apple reported that over 100 million iPod’s have been sold.  Perhaps, the cell phone is the trendiest electronic device of them all, with an estimated two billion worldwide.  It seems we upgrade our phones every other year, throwing out over 100 million cell phones annually.

So, what happens to all our old electronics once we’ve replaced them with newer, shinier gizmos?  Well, approximately 85% of our electronic waste ends up in landfills.  Considering these devices consist of toxic materials (including lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, and polyvinyl chlorides), landfills most certainly do not suffice as proper disposal.  Exposure to these hazardous chemicals may effect in brain damage, kidney disease, mutations, and cancer.

tbc2.jpgEven when people opt to do the right thing and recycle their old electronics, their waste is often illegally dumped overseas due to unfortunate capital greed.  And, the effects are devastating.  Guiyu, China, is the largest electronic waste site in the world, and has the greatest levels of cancer-causing dioxins.  Scientists also found that seven out of ten children have elevated levels of lead in their blood, and pregnancies are six times more likely to end in miscarriage.

Electronic companies are recognizing the need to include a takeback recycling program for their products.  The Electronics TakeBack Coalition recently released a report card evaluating the recycling programs offered by TV companies.  Unfortunately, most companies received an F grade; Sony ranked the highest with a B-.  As environmental and morally conscious consumers, it is ever more important to remain cautious about where we bring our old electronic equipment to be recycled.  To find a responsible environmental recycler near you, click here.

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Obama paints the town eco blue


What’s not to love about this guy?  Here’s the president-elect rolling a fresh coat of paint on the walls of the Sasha Bruce House, a shelter for teens, in D.C., during his pre-inaugural “Day of Service” visit.

(The paint happens to be Benjamin Moore’s environmentally friendly Aura paint, in Laguna Blue and Yosemite Blue.)

Thanks to Esther of Veeder+Perman for sending this our way. You gotta love a guy who’s hands-on and dedicated to service. Here’s looking at our new, “green” prez, the Bam Man.

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a mixed bag of green news


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