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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Honest Tea – Obama’s favorite brew

A terrific article in The New York Times today talks about how President Obama is not only changing the White House in terms of policy but also in style, running things in a slightly more casual fashion than his predecessor.


The article mentions that Obama stocks his presidential fridge with Honest Tea, his favorite organic brew, and mine too! Apparently his favorite flavors are Black Forest Berry and Green Dragon. If you’ve never tried Honest Tea you should. The company is committed to social responsibility, and its products are USDA Organic Certified, Fair Trade Certified, made with just a tad bit of organic cane sugar and delicious. How refreshing!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

a mixed bag of green news


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Ray – an eco friendly watch

Love the name, love the concept.


Quicksilver’s “The Ray” is a truly eco-conscious timepiece – all materials, manufacturing, packaging and transport were planned to minimize environmental impact.  This Limited Edition watch is (more…)

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powerful electric scooter debuts

Make your daily commute fun, green and emissions-free with X-treme Scooters new XM-5000Li.


The new scooter, which is capable of traveling 60 miles per hour, can reach top speed in around 6 seconds and operate for up to 90 miles on a single charge.  The 5000Li’s 21 lithium batteries have a life cycle of 7-10 years, can be recharged up to 2,000 times and don’t require daily charging.  (more…)

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next steps in sustainable living – the green condo

The green building and design movement is beginning to think bigger.  A 13-story green residential condo will soon rise in downtown Asheville, NC.


The 73 North Market Street project intends to achieve LEED certification, and set new standards for green living and the eco-friendly lifestyle.

The upscale green building will feature 10, 2300 square foot, full-floor residences, a below-ground green parking facility, Asheville’s first green roof, solar panels, water collection, low E glass, water-conserving fixtures, natural lighting, automated lighting and shading systems, and high-efficiency appliances.


73market2.jpgBuilding materials are being sourced locally and the building will feature the work of local Asheville artisans. The current design includes plans for the world’s first underground parking facility designed exclusively for Smart vehicles.  Each resident will be provided with a smart fortwo vehicle for getting around Asheville’s burgeoning urban environment.  Future plans include charging electric vehicles via the condo’s rooftop solar array.

The building is being designed by architect Michael Silverman of Asheville-based Siegman Associates, Inc.

find out more @ 73 North Market Street project

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plyboo art furniture – facundo poj


Argentina-born and Miami-based designer, Facundo Poj, creates furniture and fine objects from both eco-friendly materials and found objects.  His use of sustainable plyboo, or layered bamboo, non-toxic glues, and oak dowels (no nails or screws) makes his furniture strong, functional, earth-friendly works of art.  The designer’s background in architecture and Environmental studies inhabits the lines and spirit of his work.  The Ofidio dining table (below) is constructed from 44 layers of engineered plyboo and has a water-based finish.


Facundo also works with found objects which he upcycles into to new forms and design while still expressing some of the essence of the original object.  His 727 jet lounge (pictured below) is made from the exit doors of a Boeing 727.


see more @

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a mixed bag of green news


photo credit: colorado national monument/ap

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little Flower Designs – handmade for your home

Over the past few months or so, buying local has become the big new thing among the eco-set. But there’s another way to consume that is just as buzz-worthy: buying handmade. Buying items that are handmade helps us reconnect to the human source of our purchases, and also cuts down on the greenhouses gases that are formed when goods are mass-produced.


On that note, for some truly exceptional handmade dinnerware and home accessories, check out Little Flower Designs, an independent ceramic studio run by designer and artist Linda Johnson. Linda’s wares combine simple, lovely designs with bold forms to create gotta-have serving pieces and platters, vases and mugs, and bowls and tea pots. (My personal favorite is the cookie jar, above R.) Linda says that homemade items, when made with great care, provide the user with a lifetime of satisfaction and joy, all while treading lighter on the environment. We couldn’t agree more.

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