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show your dog some eco valentine’s day love

babs_M_1.jpgOur good friends and supreme purveyors of eco friendly doggie-do-dads, Olive Green Dog, are running a Valentine’s Day Special, $10 off all orders of $50 or more.

Pictured at right is Babs the Bunny ($10), a natural cotton chew toy made with veggie dyes and machine-washable.  A natural, dog flossing toy.

seamstudious___1_3.JPGOlive ships almost anywhere, so get going.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Steinway & Sons makes sweet solar music

steinway1.jpgGreen building takes a big step forward in Queens, NY.  World-renowned piano manufacturer, Steinway & Sons, is quickly making its factory a showplace for alternative heating and cooling systems by installing a rooftop solar installation.

The roughly $900,000 project, which is expected to be completed in May, was funded in part by a state grant of $588,000 and should pay for itself in a brief four and a half years.

The solar installation works by trapping the sun’s rays in (more…)

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Bose Debuts Energy Efficient Sound System in Chevy Volt


Saving energy is entering the world of car audio.  Bose has announced it will introduce its Energy Efficient Series sound system in the 2011 Chevy Volt.  The proprietary Bose system is 30% smaller, 40% lighter, and uses 50% less energy than conventional Bose sound systems, while delivering premium, high-quality audio.

Bose engineers focused their design efforts on 3 areas (more…)

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a mixed bag of green news


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Cultivating Thoughts on Food, Part Eight: Recycling Life

This is part eight of a 10-part series on how changing ones eating habits may be the most accessible and impactful way to improve the world.

Now that we’ve tightened our grasp on how to use eating habits as a powerful vote for the environment, let’s dive back into the soil and discuss how to both make our gardens grow and eat with little-to-no garbage.  Both questions develop into a single and truly magical answer: composting.  Even amongst a “concrete jungle,” you too can experience the magnificence of watching life be recycled from death.


When a plant’s life has freshly ceased, its body is full of organic components that’d be completely wasted if thrown to the landfills.  (more…)

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