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Ford snags some green awards

fordfusion.jpgAs we all know, the auto industry is going through a disastrous stretch, plagued by both mismanagement and a toxic global economy.  We thought we’d accentuate the positive and list some of the kudos that the Ford Motor Company has recently received in its effort to get greener. (more…)

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Loki pendant made by Etsy crafter

miclok_1.jpgBetina Wassermann is living the dream of every part-time, Etsy, tchotchke maker.  If you caught the procession of stars on the Oscar’s red carpet, you may have seen Mickey Rourke sporting a pendant featuring a photo of his recently deceased and beloved companion, Loki the Chihuahua.  Designer Wasserman, inspired by the passing of her own pooch, created the Loki pendant and forwarded it to Mr. Rourke as a gift.  Custom order your own charm (the Loki piece will remain one of a kind) @  Makes sense that Betina works full time in marketing…

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elegant roots – worthy gifts for conscious consumers

I recently uncovered a gem of a gift site, Elegant Roots.  Designed to foster a consumer evolution…encouraging consumers to make purchasing decisions based on values beyond function and beauty.


They make it easy to make informed choices by presenting the essentials — Who made the product, Where, of What, and Why on every page — in a fresh, user-friendly format. Each designer/manufacturer/artisan is profiled in detail, creating a greater sense of appreciation of the craft involved.

Shop for accessories, baby and kids, home decor, jewelry, men, pets and spa. It is the thought that counts.

find style and relevance @

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a mixed bag of green news


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super sized electric bikes for big riders

Don’t super-size those fries, super-size your bike.


A company called Super Sized Cycles is now selling electric assist bikes for large or obese people. They have upgraded the seat, seat post, collar, handlebar stem, tires, pedals and gears. Super Sized’s manufacturing subsidiary, Zize, is also modifying selected bikes from Currie Technologies iZip line to add its own iZize line. The Super Sized line ranges from street cruisers to mountain bike models. (more…)

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