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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


solar powered Eureka Intent Tent


It’s time to take your annual family camping trip to the next level.   This Eureka Intent Tent comes with a solar LED panel that, when charged for 8 hours, will light up your tent for 8 hours, (on high). This easily assembled, 2-pole square dome tent sleeps 6 and has plenty of space with its 121 sq. ft. interior and 6′ 6″ ceiling height.  The solar LED panel, which weighs 3.4 oz, utilizes the same durable, lightweight, and flexible solar panels used on Eureka’s military tents; it’s splash-proof and has adjustable brightness settings. The solar panel can also function as AA battery charger.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

eco-friendly Snake Island Furniture


Toronto based Snake Island Furniture makes unique, sustainable furniture from salvaged wood and reclaimed timber that would otherwise be wasted.  Much of the company’s wood is harvested locally by their arborist who carefully claims pieces of trees that are about to be taken down, or have been damaged by wind or time.  They also mill and dry the reclaimed timber locally to reduce transport.  Their modern furniture embodies old world craftsmanship as well as the natural character and imperfections of the original tree.



For every piece of furniture sold, a tree is planted.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

mazda to start leasing hydrogen hybrid in Japan


Are energy efficient, hydrogen-powered cars be closer to reality than previously thought?  Mazda announced last week that it’s the first automobile manufacturer to begin commercial leasing of a hydrogen hybrid vehicle, the hydrogen rotary Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid.  The first units will be delivered to local Japanese government authorities and energy-related companies later this year. (more…)

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a mixed bag of green news


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Whole Foods Triple Milled Organic Soaps

I’m a sucker for gorgeous-smelling organic bars of soap wrapped in pretty paper. So, when I saw the new selection of bath soaps from Whole Foods, I just had to buy a bar—well, two bars, actually.


Available in Grapefruit Mint, Lavender, Lemon Verbena (my favorite), Linden, Pomelo and Vetiver Cedar, each bar is triple-milled in the South of France (because nobody does soap like the French) with certified organic palm and coconut oils. Scented with essential oils, they are free of phthalate and preservatives, and unlike some organic bars, these do lather, so you’ll feel nice, clean and quite tranquil after each use. Find them in the Whole Body section of your local Whole Foods.

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