cg1.jpgPick up this useful pocket guide, Climate Change, Simple Things You Can Do to Make a Difference, co-written by master of sustainable environmental management, John Clift and Amanda Cuthbert, and share it with friends and family.  Climate Change, carbon footprint and carbon offsetting are defined in easy to understand terms, and new behaviors are presented so that you can immediately begin to curb those toxic carbons. Home Heating, Lighting, Cooking, Trash, Travel, Water, Gardening and Renewable Energy & Your Home are  some of the topics that receive “what you can do about it” advice, as well as a solid, “if you do just one thing” recommendation. The seventh in a nifty series of bite-sized, user-friendly eco guides to everyday living published by Chelsea Green, and guide number 4 for these authors; ($7.95).  Just in time for Earth Day, (April 22). Start making a difference and pass along this guide; your pals will thank you.

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