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Modesthouse simply elegant prefab homes


Love the look and love the name.  New York architect Jeffrey McKean has designed his Modesthouse and MH Mini homes to integrate seamlessly into their surroundings.  McKean’s designs feature lots of glass and light, sustainable building practices, green energy systems, and a wide choice of eco friendly materials and finishes. (more after jump)

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Biodegradable Shower Cap and Travel Booties

el1.jpgNow you can travel in eco style, head to toe:  newly launched ecoLiving Essentials kicks off with two first-ever eco-friendly products:  Biodegradable Travel Booties and a Biodegradable Shower Cap.  Established by two moms with a shared respect for the planet and a passionate concern for their children’s future, the founders “wanted peace of mind when traveling, and we hope that these products give that to consumers.”

“Very few airports offer disposable booties for travelers to use when passing through airport security to protect their feet and socks,” said Quyen Huynh, co-founder of ecoLiving Essentials. “While there are other options out there, our commitment to the environment inspired us to create an eco-friendly alternative that won’t do any harm to our planet, while also protecting travelers from germs and bacteria.”

ecoLiving Essentials’ travel booties and shower caps biodegrade naturally through microorganisms like bacteria, algae and fungi; are able to co-mingle with trash and recycling, or can be composted; and are BPA-free.  The bags are made of plant material and are certified biodegradable and compostable, while the labels are printed with soy ink on recycled materials.  As a socially responsible company, their products and packaging are made in the United States with local materials.

($5.95 for two sets of travel booties or three shower caps) @

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a mixed bag of green news


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CVS goes green with Earth Essentials

eeplateandbowl1_1.jpgYour local CVS just got a little greener.  With its new Earth Essentials line, CVS is joining the growing wave of retailers who are creating their own eco-friendly product lines.  The pharmacy and retail chain is launching a new line of eco-friendly plates and bowls made entirely from natural and renewable sugarcane. The products are designed to completely biodegrade within one to three months, making it a greener choice for travel, picnics and parties.

The downside to landfill-bound disposable plastic plates and cookware is well known.  Earth Essentials provides a greener option for those times when it’s just not practical to use and transport your best dishes and cloth towels.

EE_paper_towels.jpgEarth Essentials bowls and plates are:  microwave and freezer safe, fully compostable, able to handle hot liquids up to 200° F, sterilized and sanitized, strong, and available in unbleached bagasse.

In addition to the line of plates and bowls, the Earth Essentials line also includes paper products recently endorsed by Greenpeace.  The selection of paper products made with recycled fiber includes napkins, toilet tissue and paper towels. The line is available at your local CVS and on-line @

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