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Terra Keramik – fun and functional

Tired of drab tableware?  With timeless designs and rich, saturated colors, eco conscious Terra Keramik will enhance any table setting.  Perfect for special occasions — whether you’re looking to treat Mom (or yourself) to something useful and special this Mother’s Day, or searching for a cool wedding gift.


With a strong commitment to environmentally and socially sustainable production they use: glazes that contain zero lead and cadmium to produce an absolutely food-safe finish, clays that can be (more…)

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sodastream now at Kohl’s – precycling

sodastream3.jpgIs precycling the latest eco-word?  Home soda maker, Sodastream is bringing its line of home soda makers to the mass market at Kohl’s stores nationwide in what must be the 4 billionth Earth Day marketing tie-in.  Sodastream’s soda maker makes nicely carbonated soda right in your home (we’ve tried it) without the disposable packaging associated with bottled sodas and beverages.  A nice way to keep all those cans and bottles out of the landfill.  Now about that word, precycling….


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plug-in small wind – The Jellyfish

YouTube Preview Image

Clarian Technologies, a small research and development company (probably just Chad Maglaque), has been working on its Jellyfish wind appliance concept for a while now.  The Jellyfish is designed to plug into a conventional wall outlet and provide renewable wind power directly to your home without special wiring or a complicated inverter box.  The 36″ vertical axis wind turbine, which is purported to produce up to 40kWh of electricity per month, is designed to be pole, roof or tower mounted.  The unit, which has only one moving part, is claimed to be exceptionally quiet and operates at wind speeds as low as 5mph.  At an estimated cost of $400 per unit you’d think this baby would be on a fast-track to the consumer market.  No word on roll-out plans.  Maybe it’s just an interesting concept.

more @

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Earth Day Fatigue


After being inundated for the past three weeks by press releases related to the fast approaching Earth Day,  I have to admit I’ve begun to just scroll by them in my inbox.  I’ve seen the articles bemoaning the fact that Earth Day isn’t “everyday” and there’s no doubt that it does bring awareness of our critical relationship to Mother Earth to any Somalian pirates, English soccer fans or former members of the Bush administration who may have become distracted and disassociated from the planet, but we don’t all have to jump over the proverbial wall into the polar bear enclosure like some crazed woman at a German zoo.

It seems like I’ve just turned the lights back on from Earth Hour, and now I have to get out there and plant some trees for Earth Day.  Well, I’ve already planted dozens of trees, recycled til my hands bled and coasted down countless hills in my Subaru to save on gas and emissions.  I’m tired, and suffering from Earth Day Fatigue and it’s not even Friday.  Let’s not let Earth Day join the pantheon of over-marketed, over-hyped events that just drone on until only the converted are listening.  I’ve watched “An Inconvenient Truth” until my eyes went blurry and Al Gore started looking like Elton John, so maybe it’s just time to let the newbies get out there and do their thing for the planet.  Please save your energy – hold off on sending me that press release for your compelling article on “Five Ways to Green Your Earth Day Barbecue;” I’ve already been there.

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