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solar bug zapper – what’s up with that?

solarinsectzapper.jpgI think my fixation with solar gadgets has officially turned into an affliction.  Do we really need a solar-powered bug zapper that packs 300 watts of insect frying power?

The zapper is marketed as “efficiently eliminating over 100 varieties of flying insects.”  Not all bugs are bad.  How many of those 100 varieties are harmless or beneficial?

Perhaps a better tagline for this product might be, “The Shock and Awe Bug Killer”.  A grate surrounds the bulbs to keep fido and fluffy from getting a surprise.  Oh, you can flick a switch and turn the zappers into handsome accent lights.

a set of 4 will cost you $99.99 at the original, purveyor of high-end gadget and gizmos Hammacher Schlemmer

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

a mixed bag of green news


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