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Nikon Ecobins binos: did birdwatching just get a tad greener?


Everyone enjoys spying a brightly plumed gold finch now and again, I know I do.  Whether you’re watching rare red crowned monkey in the Amazon or a house sparrow in Secaucus, the Nikon Ecobins 10×25, waterproof binoculars provide a high quality,  eco friendly choice in outdoor optics.

These binos are manufactured responsibly with lead and arsenic-free ‘Eco-Glass’, a non-chloride rubber body that contains no harmful inks or dyes and a strap and travel case that are produced from 100% all-natural Lenzing TENCEL fiber produced from sustainable Eucalyptus forests and manufactured with minimal waste.  The Ecobins packaging is constructed from 85% recycled material and printed
on recyclable and waterproof FiberStone paper created from post-consumer limestone collected from existing quarries.

Sturdy, light (9.5ozs) and high quality, I just wish they came in a 10X40 version.  Now…does anyone know what an Ecobin is?

$169 @


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a mixed bag of green news


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Further Soap – waste grease, bio diesel and clean hands

FURTHER_BOTTLE_email.jpgThe surest sign that Earth Day is becoming an official holiday is when there’s a sale associated with it.  In this instance the good folks at Further Soap are offering internet shoppers this deal – buy one bottle of Further Soap at the regular price ($18.50), and get one FREE with FREE SHIPPING on ALL DAY April 22, 2009.

Further Soap is part of a very green product cycle.  Glycerin, that is created as a bi-product in the process of converting the waste grease from the kitchens of L.A. restaurants into bio diesel, is transformed by Further into a great hand soap.  Upcycling waste grease into both bio diesel and hand soap, a very green endeavor indeed.

Go to to take advantage of the sale and reward yourself with a a great deal and a great green product.

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