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the bag stool


Designer Gitta Gschwendtner created these stools using a classic paper shopping bag as the mold and filling it with a mixture of concrete and recycled wood chips to make it lighter and more eco-friendly.  The work, which was commissioned by the Design Museum of London and Time Out, was created to explore the theme of consumerism as it pertains to the city of London and design.  The stools are intended to induce one to ponder rather than purchase.

via: designboom

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Thursday, April 23, 2009 green lights eco conscious YOOXYGEN

Fashion e-tailer stepped onto the green scene on Earth Day by launching an eco initiative, yooxYGEN — “a new dedicated area on devoted entirely to ethically conscious products including fashion, design, jewelry, and books.

This eco-friendly gallery will also showcase several designers who will collaborate to offer customers limited-edition items… will take its first step towards a multi-tiered eco-sustainable strategy that will be enhanced and developed as an ongoing company policy for the future. Planned for its launch is a new area on featuring ethically conscious products and company improvement plans such as offsetting the carbon footprint of shipping and courier services.”

Though is devoid of green, this offshoot, patch of green is a breath of fresh air; a good place for those with deep pockets to start becoming more socially responsible, ethically minded and eco friendly.  For vintage one of a kind, designer pieces, to Stella McCartney, Ali Hewson of EDUN, Katharine Hamnett and many others, they’ve got the eco fashionistas covered. Project LENY is a collaboration of designers who are donating net proceeds of their t shirts and totes to Al Gore’s The Climate Project. All of this is great.


I just wish the site were more transparent.  In creating an eco/ethical category, consumers need the manufacturing facts to be readily available, and this is not always the case.  It would be nice to know more details regarding Campus shoes (reasonably priced, but is the rubber, plant based?) and Momaboma bags (is the finish non-toxic? And what about the leather handle?)…the devil is in the details.  Each and every item in  “eco-mmerce” may be justified, but one would need to do a lot of digging to have peace of mind.  We’ll keep our eye on how this site evolves in their efforts to become more green.

Valentino Miss V size 6 skirt, ($225)

Bio Aperitif Set, (set of 4, $38)

the eco travel handbook ($25)

Venetian Bag Clutch ($500) Carmina Campus by Ilaria Venturini Fendi recycles aluminum from Venetian blinds

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a mixed bag of green news


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