Note: several people have complained about the smell of this product. Please see the accompanying comments.

Our quaint (real estate lingo for “small”) Upper West Side, New York apartment has a lovely terrace that provides us with glimmering sunset views, breathing room in the big city, a place to entertain our friends and, unfortunately, ants. The little critters have been making themselves known as the weather has warmed up, creating a little creepy crawly trail all the way from the terrace door to the kitchen.


I immediately huffed it over to my corner drugstore, on a mission to find a non-toxic ant killer, but trying not to get my hopes up – this particular New York drugstore chain is not known for their extensive selection. To my surprise, I found a non-toxic ant and roach killer called EcoSmart. (I did some research and found a post about it on altCon from 2007; you can read it here.) I can testify that EcoSmart seems to be working, as the number of ants lurking about has decreased dramatically since I first sprayed. The smell is strong, but not offensive. I would definitely recommend this product to households with pets and/or children, or anyone like me who prefers to play it safe and stay far away from chemical-laden pesticides. Another plus is that, because it’s made with plant oils, the formula is biodegradable, and apparently will not harm fish or wildlife. But at least it seems to work on my (very) unwelcome house guests.

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