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cholmondeley hemp bedlinens for eco babies

ajc1.jpgHemp enthusiast, Jilly Cholmondeley, has scored again.

Eco chic designer of one hundred percent hemp bed linens for adults, Jilly recently extended her high end collection to include cot sized sheets and blankets for the mini me, eco friendly set.  Her wonderfully soft, naturally anti-bacterial, thermo-regulating linens provide maximum comfort for little, green sprouts.  Keeps tots warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot.  A comfy baby brings much joy to tired mommy and daddy, yes?  Like Jilly, we, too, consider hemp “the thinking person’s fabric of choice.”

Blanket and Cot Sheets – Coordinated Set, (£130)
Hemp Cot Sheets – top & fitted bottom (£75)
Hemp Blankets are off-white, and edged in pink, blue or white satin ribbon, (£85)
find @

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Jill Cholmondeley – fine, hemp bedlinens

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a mixed bag of green news


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Earth Angel wind-up, battery-free vibrator


The Earth Angel vibrator is marketed as the world’s first 100% eco-friendly, wind-up sex toy.  Made from recycled parts and plastic, you crank a handle, which unfolds from the bottom of the vibrator, to charge it.  4 minutes of cranking gives you 30 minutes of battery-free power, 8 minutes of cranking creates an hour’s worth of vibrating fun and games.

Positives – this eco gadget eliminates the need for expensive batteries and keeps them out of the landfill, has 4 speeds and will provide the user some exercise in a couple of different ways. Possible negative – Do you think 8 minutes of cranking that handle might break your concentration/mood?

a pricey £64.99 @ via: coolest gadgets

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