As we continue to step lightly on Mother Earth everyday (not just Earth Day, right?) here are a few ways to celebrate in eco style this Mother’s Day.  Keep it simple.  Be practical. Cut the carbs…


  • If you live near Mom, stop by and spend quality time.  Do what makes her happy.  Sit on the porch, sip some lemonade, share some laughs.  Surprise her with a locally grown, home-cooked meal.  Go for a stroll through the neighborhood or nearby park. Try not to drive your car to her house; walk, bike or use public transportation.
  • Live far apart?  Give her a buzz.  Keep it light and bright.
  • Is she computer savvy?  Save a tree, and send her an animated e-card. (I like Jacquie Lawson cards)
  • Buying mom a gift?  Don’t just buy something because it’s on sale.  Make sure your present is useful, or has sentimental value.  A water filter pitcher to treat her tap water; potted organic herbs or tomato plant, (; body-friendly skincare to soothe and pamper dry skin; hand-made jewelry by you, or a local artisan; a gift certificate to an eco/organic spa.  Make sure your gift is sustainable — made out of recycled, or eco friendly material (hemp, jute, bamboo, soy, organic cotton…).  Be thrifty, shop at second hand shops or flea markets; try a swap.  Need to ship your gift?  Offset the carbon emissions.
  • Hosting a get-together in Mom’s honor?  Serve locally grown fare.  Avoid plastic — use real plates and utensils ideally, or opt for compostable / biodegradable disposable plates and utensils for a large gathering.  One hundred percent compostable Stalkmarket cutlery made from sugarcane waste, available at Branch.  Lovely and sturdy, reusable and biodegradable plates, bowls and platters created from fallen leaves and water @ Verterra.  Choose cloth napkins over paper goods.  (Marcal’s small steps paper goods, if you must use paper.)  Don’t be afraid to accept a guest’s offer to prepare a yummy dish, (kicks up the fun factor, and will help you save some green of another kind).
  • Jump in with your eco savvy tip for Mama’s Day.

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