The WindCube is an interesting wind turbine design from a company called Green Energy Technologies.  The turbine’s designed for large commercial installations, including: condos, college campuses, big box retailers, industrial buildings or open, island locations.  The large, box-like, turbine can be roof or tower mounted.


A single unit produces 60kW, with a double unit producing 120kW of power.  The design produces the same amount of energy as a traditional turbine with a 50 foot diameter in a 22x22x12-foot framework by utilizing the wind tunnel effect known as the Bernoulli Principle to capture and amplify the wind to theoretically produce more kilowatt-hours (kWh).  The WindCube is designed to capture and concentrate wind energy as low as 5 mph and has a yaw system that turns the turbine into prevailing winds.

The WindCube isn’t intended for residential use. The company recently installed a system for Crown Battery at its new facility in Port Clinton, Ohio.

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