It’s tough finding eco friendly swimwear.  Here’s a different take on eco minded beach wear — rather than focus on the fabric, consider the manufacturing process itself.  The structural and performance challenges inherent in the creation of swimwear — fit, style, stretchability and the all-important transparency issue make the use of many eco-friendly materials impractical.  To look good in the surf some compromises must sometimes be made in the materials used, thus Miss Peaches reversible swimwear is constructed of 80% polyester and 20% spandex.

On the greener side of things…traditional textile manufacturing and printing is a messy, toxic, water and energy-intensive endeavor.  In order to tremendously reduce the environmental impact in the production of their perky fashions, Miss Peaches uses the water-free AirDye process to print all their swimwear and cover-ups — saving energy, water and the environment from toxic waste water.  Pictured above is the Tie Dye and Stripe Reversible top and bottom.

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