Please welcome our newest contributor, the talented and renowned, Jasmin Malik Chua.


Like crumpled, sepia-toned photographs, Periwinklebloom‘s exquisite collection of handsewn children’s clothes hearken to an earlier, simpler time. They’re made in small batches from 100 percent organic cotton or reclaimed vintage linens, then embellished with vintage notions for an extra dash of hand-me-down charm.


Don’t be fooled by the classic, unfussy silhouettes, however; these togs embody scrupulous craftsmanship, with details like lettuce edging, fabric-lined bell cuffs, and contrast stitching. And the washed-out hues (gray, flax, ecru), occasionally punctuated by bold stripes of color, only add to their antiquarian charisma.


Designer Tyler Stallings was inspired by tactile design, the use of whitespace in Japanese forms, and vintage American ephemera—and it shows in these heirloom pieces, whether it’s a roomy flannel pinafore with a bubble hem, a nubby sherpa capelet with an oversize vintage button, or a pair of pointelle drawstring trunks.