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Manhattan’s High Line Park rises to the occasion


I remember when the meat packing district meant real meat on a real hook, cobblestone streets that you could break an axle on and clubs where you could either shake your tushy or get it properly spanked. Well, times have changed.  Tomorrow marks the official opening of the first section of the elevated High Line Park – high atop a retooled West Side railroad trestle that hasn’t seen a train since 1980. At thirty feet high, the NYC Parks Department intends to allow (more…)

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Monday, June 8, 2009

bERT & dENNIS design studio

Wiseguy designers Bert van der Grift and Dennis van der Burch create a lot of interesting furniture and stuff at their bERT & dENNIS design studio.  Does being propagated in the Netherlands enhance one’s creativity?

pictured above – adorn your outfit wherever you desire with the “button watch”

pictured below – rope-up that reading material with “rope books”


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Jaya Loves Tekeko – eco baby threads

Jaya Loves Tekeko, founded by a brother-and-sister duo, obviously knows a thing or two about cute—and about being gentle on the environment.


The Miami-based company’s collection of blankets, onesies, and pillows are big on personality but light on footprint. Printed on certified organic cotton and bamboo using water-based inks, the handcrafted clothing and accessories feature wide-eyed pandas, meditating Buddhas, and quirky, fairytale-esque characters like Professor Acorn, Leafgirl, and Eggboy.

Bonus: A portion of the profits goes to, a Florida-based nonprofit that works for the betterment of the planet and the people on it.


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BlueQ – Boss Lady reusable, recycled bag


Reusable bags don’t have to always be boring, mundane practicalities.  This fun shopping bag from BlueQ sends a message about who’s really in charge…

Made of (95 percent) recycled woven polypropylene.

$11.99 @

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Teatulía Teas

I am partial to coffee, but I do enjoy a spot of tea every now and then. I’m always skeptical, however, of teas that claim superiority in terms of purity, integrity and smoothness. But I recently sampled a new line, called Teatulía, and I know now that not all teas are created equal.


I tried Teatulía’s Green and Black Teas and also the Tulsi Infusion, a blend of black tea and Holy Basil. The Green Tea was earthy and clean tasting, splendid with a tiny squeeze of lemon and honey. The Black Tea, possibly the smoothest I’ve ever tried, was enjoyable straight up without milk or sugar, and the Tulsi had a pleasant hint of spiciness. I would definitely recommend all three to a friend.

Taste aside, what makes Teatulía most noteworthy and unique is how it cultivates and packages its teas, which are farmed (more…)

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