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Varian Designs – rustic modern furniture


lofnchr.jpgA little bird just gave us a heads-up about San Francisco’s Forest (appropriate) Dickey and his Varian Designs.

We love the rustic, yet, contemporary look of his Timber Collection.  All of the pieces in this collection are created by hand from reclaimed or responsibly harvested lumber.  The Baldr Bench (pictured above) is made entirely of reclaimed redwood from Napa Valley wine tanks.  The chunkily rustic Lofn Chair, (pictured at right), was made from Douglas Fir, recycled from a San Diego residence.

see more of Forest’s work @

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Samsung’s Solar Guru solar powered phone

solarguru.jpgNo power at your meditation cabin in the Himalayas?  No problem.  Samsung has announced it will soon be selling its solar charging, Solar Guru, cell phone in India.  The new phone will provide 5-10 minutes of talk time for an hour of solar charging – so you’ll still have to plug it in for a complete charge.  Features: dual GSM bands (900/1800MHz),1.52-inch 65K CSTN screen, FM Radio, MP3 ringtones, Mobile Tracker, Fake Call and 800mAh battery.

In addition to India, the Solar Guru will also be launched in Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America later this month. It will be priced at a reasonable $59 or 2,700 rupees.
via: samsung hub

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American Airlines tests fuel-efficient flying

This Thursday, American Airlines Flight 63 will depart Paris in an effort to up the eco ante as the first U.S. airline to test next-generation technology Trans-Atlantic.


The flight, which lands in Miami, will seem perfectly normal to all passengers aboard, but American Airlines is hoping it will help the company achieve savings of 120 million (yes, million) gallons of jet fuel in 2009 alone. And what about carbon emissions? A reduction of 2.5 billion pounds is planned for the year’s savings.

Those are big numbers—for a big plane—the Boeing 767-300 aircraft. How will they do it? By tweaking trips to include single-engine taxi-ing for departures and arrivals, continuous “climb out” and descent, optimized routes over water, and a tailored arrival. Afterward, the data will be analyzed by the FAA and further trials will be run, all in hopes that small changes can equate to big savings for airlines.

American Airlines isn’t the only airline going green, however. Check out these sites to see what the competition is up to: Virgin Atlantic’s Sustainability Challenge, Delta’s Force for Global Good, Jet Blue’s Jetting to Green, and Southwest Cares.

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Stewart + Brown – Summer Collection

Organic clothing pioneers Stewart + Brown recently launched a new summer 2009 collection that is infinitely wearable and utterly adorable.


Stewart + Brown’s designs are made of premium green fibers, cultivated without the use of pesticides, defoliants or herbicides, and only non-toxic and low-impact methods are used in the textile process. The price point is a bit on the higher side, but you get what you pay for. These clothes have little impact on the environment and are stylish enough to rival anything out there. Here are some of our favorites from the newest collection:

Drape Dress
Constructed of 96 percent hemp and made in the good ole’ USA, this slinky dress features a scooping neckline and capped sleeves. A flattering tie around the waste accentuates your curves.

Village Jacket
A cute and chic jacket that dresses up or down, the Village Jacket is made with 100-percent organic cotton. Details include two front pouch pockets and flattened metal buttons along the front. Unique, interesting details include vertical pleats down the back and satin piping along the scoop neck.

Song Bird Graphic Tee
Certain to be a staple in your wardrobe, this Stewart+Brown original tee featuring two little birdies is made of 100-percent lightweight jersey cotton.


Lakeside Pant
This pair of 100-percent organic cotton twill pants has a full, straight leg, hidden side zipper and an arched front placket that fastens with four metal buttons. Perfect for a leisurely summer stroll.

Crochet Poolside Dress
This lovely hand-crocheted pullover dress has incredible stitch detailing—the front mirrors the back—and doubles as a cover-up or a dress when paired with a slip. It’s made of 100-percent cotton, in China under Fair Trade provisions.

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a mixed bag of green news


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