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Josie Maran Cosmetics – beauty without the baggage

ajm1.jpgModel Josie Maran is naturally beautiful, as is her recently launched line of eponymous makeup made with organic ingredients and biodegradable packaging. We wrote about the debut of her new line, back when word of it was first getting out. I’ve recently been giving some of the products a try to see how they stack up.

So far, my favorite product is the Tinted Moisturizer, (below, L). Its light, smooth texture and SPF 30 is perfect for hot summer days. It evened-out and warmed my slightly splotchy skin. I think it would be perfect for someone who doesn’t want to wear a lot of heavy makeup but needs some coverage.


The formula includes Josie’s signature ingredient, organic argan oil, which allegedly replenishes and repairs skin cells, as well as pomegranate oil, grape seed oil and organic papaya extract.

I’m also a big fan of the concealer and lip gloss (more…)

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

the Allsop WheelEasy – the wheelbarrow evolved


wheeleasy3_1.jpgWheelEasy is a unique soft-sided canvas barrow that lays flat on the ground where gardening takes place.  Just sweep, rake, roll, slide or drag stuff directly into the canvas barrow – reducing all the heavy lifting usually associated with a traditional wheel barrow.  The whole deal folds up for easy storage.

The WheelEasy comes in two sizes. The original, larger WheelEasy has a capacity of 350 lbs.  The smaller WheelEasy LE, which is designed for city dwellers and homes with smaller yards, holds up to 150 lbs.  The low center of gravity of the WheelEasy is designed to reduce stain and impact on fragile gardeners.

The original model goes for $129.99 and the smaller LE $84.99 @

here’s a storefinder

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mr. happy’s green news


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Almay Pure Blends – a review


When I first learned about Almay’s new Pure Blends makeup, I was skeptical. I assumed that this was likely another case of greenwashing a line of traditional chemically synthesized cosmetics with a few botanical ingredients thrown in and deemed “natural.” But when I looked into it, I found out otherwise.

aal2.jpgAlmay’s new Pure Blends makeup is indeed legitimately green, containing at least 95-percent natural ingredients. Made in Almay’s manufacturing plant in North Carolina, the line consists of foundation, lip gloss, blush, powder and eye shadow made without silicone, mineral oil or other petroleum-derived ingredients, or chemical additives like parabens. The vast majority of its ingredients are of mineral and plant origin, including Lotus Extract, Acai Extract, Orchid and Papaya Extract, and the products are packaged in highly recyclable paperboard.

I tried Pure Blends eye shadow in Lavender and the lip loss in Peony. I loved the sheer, buildable coverage and texture of the (more…)

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