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cool and affordable gift ideas for green grads

It’s that time of year — when we celebrate high school and college grads taking their next big step.  They notoriously need green $$, but we can also opt to pick-up something useful for them without breaking the bank.

Spurred by the needs of the grads that I know, here are a few eco minded ideas (ranging from $6 to $69) you might want to consider.  All of these items are available at socially responsible,


Business Card Case from reclaimed circuit boards, (above L; $32)
Rice Sack Packs, weightless travel organizers, (above R; $6/ea)


Billboard Train Case, waterproof, perfect for storing makeup and little ditties on-the-run, (above L; $14)
Men’s wallet, from recycled mountain bike innertube (above, R @ $26)


(at left), This happens to be a personal fav, especially for travel, The Banner Stylist Bag ($69).

Features smart, full-length zipper; large exterior front and back pockets with handy, open pockets inside, as well. Versatile and roomy, it’s an eco stylish, day to night workhorse.

Perfect for toting books, camera, cellphone and all manner of personal items, even a wet bathing suit and towel.  Hey, you never know what’s around the corner.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

the weld house – recycled car hood tables

Designer, welder and recycled metalworking visionary, Joel Hester and his Dallas-based The Weld House studio, make sweet looking tables and furniture out of the junkyard remains of old Chevy’s and Fords.


Take the roof of a battered and abused blue van and repurpose it into a striking creation like the 9′ conference table (above right), or transform the weathered hood of a 64 Ford Galaxy into two side tables (below right) that would make even the most (more…)

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