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Constance Marie – raising eco baby Luna, one green step at a time

Today’s extra special — the following post is by Guest Contributor, Constance Marie, whom you might know as Angie on “The George Lopez” show.  This busy celebrity and loving new mom shares her thoughts with us on How to Green Your Newborn’s Nursery.  Many thanks, Constance, and hugs to baby Luna!

One of the things I discovered in over three years of trying to get pregnant was how the toxicity of certain products and the environment around us can affect our bodies. I also learned that often times the most toxic room in the house can be the nursery. (more…)

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a melange of green news


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sweet renewable cork – corque design


Modern home furnishings and accessories all made from sustainable cork with little waste and a teensy carbon footprint.  What’s not to love?  Lisbon’s Corque Design creates modern furnishings and items for the home, with an eye on both style and the environment.



find out more @

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Food, Inc. + High Line – feed your head & soul


Yesterday was a bit of a high…we took a stroll along the westside’s High Line.  An abandoned L train has been transformed into a sparkling new park — a shining homage to upcycling.

This pretty promenade provides delightful views of the Hudson, lovely landscaping, and comfy lounging areas – sweetly enhancing the bustling meatpacking area and surrounding neighborhoods. Catch glimpses of distant sailboats and grasses gently blowing in the breeze while thirty feet above the buzz of the city — passing moments of peace and inner calm.  Go while it’s shiny and new, who knows how long this tranquil experience may last.

Another high of a different sort was seeing Food, Inc.  Director Robert Kenner serves up a heaping portion of reality about the sad state of our food industry.  With cinematic style, he prepares a feast for the eyes and disturbing content for the mind. Don’t miss this important film.

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