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Carspaze and JetBlue create parking garage billboards


I’m trying to get my head around this one.  Carspaze USA, Inc. is rolling out what they call “an innovative, eco friendly, advertising medium that transforms parking lots into large scale, drive-in brand environments.”  JetBlue is utilizing this new concept to create installations in upscale shopping mall parking garages at Macerich’s Tysons Corner in Northern Virginia and Westfield Century City in Los Angeles, using in-flight monitors and a concierge service to reinforce its “More” campaign message.  (more…)

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

organic cotton totes from Balanced Design


buypod.jpgHeading for the beach?  Upgrade your beach bag to one of these eco friendly, easy on the eyes, organic cotton totes from Providence, Rhode Island’s Balanced Design.  The totes,  which have a removable bamboo handle, feature unique felt applique designs and are fully washable.

Balanced Design’s American made pillows, pouches and totes are made with water-based inks, from hand screened prints and utilize eco-friendly materials wherever possible.  Their products just happen to look great, too.

store finder

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Domo Kun felt business card holder

donkunbizcardhlder.jpgThe scenario:  You’re at an interview for your dream job.  It’s time to hand out your biz card.  Out pops this toothy card holder – giving your potential employer a fleeting glimpse of your inner geek.  Doth hiring ensue?

Given the bland uniformity of the American workplace, it’s probably a safer bet to just stuff this handmade little fellow with your favorite credit card.

$15 @ sydneyangel’s etsy shop

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solar charging usb hub


Yet another multi-tasking solar charger.  The USB Solar Charging 4-Port Hub will charge many cellphones and small digital devices whilst also serving as a USB hub.  This eco gadget is small, (about 2.5 inches square), portable, plug-and-play, and has a lithium battery to store the solar juice.

The hub can be charged via the sun, car charger or AC power.  Brando makes no claims about charging times so I would expect some delays.

sold at for a reasonable $20.
via: gizmodo

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