Life’s many hiccups and curves may have prevented you from getting your dad an expensive Father’s Day Gift.  Not to worry.  Here are a few low cost, high reward gift solutions.

  • Reconnect: Offer to spend a day doing what dad enjoys.  A Dodger’s game, bowling, bird watching, tinkering around the basement, hitting the golf course, it’s all good.
  • Help your papi around the yard, or garage.  Clean those gutters and touch-up the trim in the kitchen, you know, spend some time with him while lightening his load.
  • Cook the old man a healthy meal.  Doesn’t need to be today.  Just put it on the schedule.
  • Forget the booze, cigars and toys.  Get pops something alive that he can put in his garden or on the patio.  Emphasize going green without being a pain in the ass.

Remember — it’s not about what you spend; it’s about showing you appreciate what he’s done and how he’s done it.  Keep it personal.

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