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solarwind turbine – what’s up with that?

solarwind1.jpgA Santa Fe, New Mexico start-up company called Bluenergy, has developed a hybrid vertical axis wind turbine that is covered with solar cells.

The 5kW Bluenergy Solarwind’s double-helix design is stated to perform at wind speeds as low as 4mph and as high as 90mph.  Other performance attributes include: dual energy capture; low maintenance; and silent, safe operation for birds, humans and bats.

The blue colored photovoltaic cells are also noted to provide some measure of aesthetic appeal.  The turbine stands 18′ high by 6′ wide and looks like a sculpture from some 1960’s World’s Fair.

The company appears to be pursuing financing and venture capital and given the dated nature of the info on their website I would hazard a guess that this may just remain a very interesting concept for the foreseeable future.


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Monday, June 22, 2009

sharing backyards – communal gardening

Not everyone has a green thumb; and by the same token, not everyone who has a green thumb, happens to own land.


New to the green scene is a site that helps bridge that gap —  Connecting folks in an ever-growing number of cities, it’s also a great idea that you can try on your own, with friends or family in your own community.

Why not turn more of our lawns into edible gardens; eat home-grown, local fare on-the-cheap, and ensure that the food we’re eating is fresh (and hopefully, organically grown)?  Before planting those seeds, just be sure that you and your gardening partner have a fairly flexible perspective at the outset, and a clear understanding of how it will work.  Here’s a sample backyard share in Portland, Oregon.

via:  body + soul (July/Aug ’09)

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iLetYou rent almost anything

iletyoulogo.jpgNeed a wedding gown in a hurry and can’t afford a new one?  Go to and find that wedding frock or over 100,000 other items to rent and reuse.

You can list your Porsche to rent, or find one to rent for that special date.

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embodies for designer ecofashion

These days, I’m all about ease and comfort when it comes to dressing, here’s a stylish number that’s all that.


EM6.jpgThis kicky one-piece romper by Perfectly Imperfect is built for fun — racer back, kangaroo front pocket and a gently elasticized waist.  Perfectly cool and comfy year round; made with 100-percent organic cotton and low impact dyes, right here in the USA.

Perk up your eco wardrobe and receive an exclusive 15% discount through the end of July 2009 on any regularly priced merchandise.  Just use coupon code ALTCON15 at checkout. (one detail, note the low V-front of the romper; under garment not included, $84 before discount.)  find @

A foot note for all you shoe lovers, those booties (R, above) can be had via embodies as well.  Po-Zu Elm Boot, 60% coconut husk and 40% natural latex rubber foot mattress, (sale price, $258).

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a mixed bag of green news


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