I love using my Pyrex flea market finds for storing foodstuffs in the fridge.  Aside from the eco upsides, I derive the added benefit of not having plastic of any sort — baggies or containers, touching, and possibly leaching into my food.  (Plastic # 7 can leach Bisphenol A — BPA, a hormone disrupter.)  Lidded glass containers such as those pictured below are especially good for salads, fruits and veggies.

A great way to be kind to your body, planet and wallet — search your mom’s upper shelves of her kitchen cupboards for reusable glass containers, or seek them out at tag sales, flea markets, e-bay or etsy.

If you happen to be looking for a nice, practical gift for an upcoming bridal shower or birthday, check out these Anchor Hocking  glass storage dish options.  Added perk — with such clarity, it’s easy to see just what’s under the lid in that fridge.  find @ freemarketorganics.com

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