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recycled hubcap clocks by Steven Shaver


California artist Steven Shaver’s ‘One-of-a-Kind’ series features all manner of sculptures, clocks, furnishings and art pieces created from the remains of various machines and artifacts.  With a client roster of celebs like Snoop Dog, Nick Cage, Jay Leno, Hugh Hefner and many more…we’ve chosen to feature three of Mr. Shaver’s clocks created from the hubcaps and motor parts of vintage cars.

Left to right above:
15″ Vintage 1950’s Mercedes Benz hubcap clock, 8″ VW engine pulley clock, and – if you want to buy American before our car companies completely disappear – a 12.5″ clock made from a 1939 Ford V-8 hubcap.
find these time pieces and more @

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The WaterForest Group – harvesting submerged timber

An organization called The WaterForest Group International has developed innovative technology to harvest ‘lost’ underwater-forests around the world to provide a sustainable alternative to cutting standing, living hardwoods.


WaterForest says it is poised to become a leader in harvesting submerged standing timber from man-made lakes and (more…)

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