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vertical axis wind turbine installed in P-Town


The 100,000 tourists who disembark ferries onto Provincetown’s breezy MacMillan Pier this summer can now add a vertical axis wind turbine to their Provincetown sights to see.  The pier recently added a 30 foot tall vertical axis wind turbine to its infrastructure.  The 5 kilowatt Helix Wind turbine was erected for a one year trial run under an agreement between pier managers and the distributor of the turbine, Seabrook, NH’s, Waterline Industries.  The turbine can potentially offset up to $2,000 of the pier’s annual electrical costs while garnering both, tremendous public exposure – and important data that can be used to evaluate future wind turbine installations.  The turbine currently awaits power company clearance to provide electricity to the pier.

source/photo: Cape Cod Times related: New Earth’s Helix Wind Turbine

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

felt plus / minus pins from etceteramedia


Boston based Etceteramedia makes these cute little wool felt pins from the offcuts of their math sign coasters.  Great for expressing your positive or negative mood – or abject ambivalence.

also comes in black or red, ($20) @ their etsy shop

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Gaia Napa – eco hotel meets urban oasis

Utter the words “green” and “hotel” in the same sentence and most folks will conjure up images of the rustic ecolodge living that so captivates city dwellers. These days, however, entrepreneurs like Wen Chang are encouraging sustainable sleep closer to San Francisco than Mount McKinley.


At California’s Gaia Napa Valley Hotel & Spa, guests exit Highway 29 and enter an urban oasis landscape dusted with desert dry appeal. From the outside, the entrance of Gaia (which means “Mother Earth” in Greek) looks less like an eco escape and more like a peculiar pod that juts forth, although not disruptively, among its surroundings. The hotel—the world’s first to be Gold LEED Certified—boasts a bevy of forward-thinking features to lure the eco minded:

  • Tubular skylights dot the hotel’s interior, shedding natural light in those areas often forgotten by hoteliers, long hallways and guestroom corners
  • Recycled tiles and granite create clean, cool surfaces in all restrooms
  • A swan-mesmerizing koi pond that filters, cleans and then uses recycled on-site water
  • Chemical-free landscaping that highlights native and climate-adaptive plants that require less watering
  • Recycling bins galore, perfect for collecting all the recycled paper products used by the hotel

Naturally, the hotel capitalizes on its charm by offering Spa Gaia and fine-dining Gaia Restaurant, both of which keep wine country visitors fully satiated between vineyard tours.

To check it out for yourself, view the full Photo Gallery here, or call 888.798.3777 to book a room. At time of post, rooms were available starting @ $79/night.

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a mixed bag of green news


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Nature’s Call – organic odor spray

nautrescall.jpgOdor-fighting spray company, Poo-Pourri, has introduced an innovative, eco friendly bathroom spray that is designed to eliminate bathroom odors at their most stinky source – the toilet.  Nature’s Call is designed to be sprayed into the toilet prior to making one’s deposit.  The spray’s citrus blend of organic essential oils seals the surface of the toilet’s water preventing noxious fumes from escaping, rather than masking the stench like other sprays.

Poo-Pourri makes several other odor fighting sprays, including their “Before You Go” line, “Pooch-Pourri” pet odor spray and “L’il Stinker” soiled diaper spray. (more…)

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