nautrescall.jpgOdor-fighting spray company, Poo-Pourri, has introduced an innovative, eco friendly bathroom spray that is designed to eliminate bathroom odors at their most stinky source – the toilet.  Nature’s Call is designed to be sprayed into the toilet prior to making one’s deposit.  The spray’s citrus blend of organic essential oils seals the surface of the toilet’s water preventing noxious fumes from escaping, rather than masking the stench like other sprays.

Poo-Pourri makes several other odor fighting sprays, including their “Before You Go” line, “Pooch-Pourri” pet odor spray and “L’il Stinker” soiled diaper spray.

We’ve yet to test the efficacy of the spray and can’t attest to its odor preventing capabilities.  Presumably, the spray’s olfactory benefits will far outweigh any potential additional toilet bowl cleaning that may result due to the oils.