The 100,000 tourists who disembark ferries onto Provincetown’s breezy MacMillan Pier this summer can now add a vertical axis wind turbine to their Provincetown sights to see.  The pier recently added a 30 foot tall vertical axis wind turbine to its infrastructure.  The 5 kilowatt Helix Wind turbine was erected for a one year trial run under an agreement between pier managers and the distributor of the turbine, Seabrook, NH’s, Waterline Industries.  The turbine can potentially offset up to $2,000 of the pier’s annual electrical costs while garnering both, tremendous public exposure – and important data that can be used to evaluate future wind turbine installations.  The turbine currently awaits power company clearance to provide electricity to the pier.

source/photo: Cape Cod Times related: New Earth’s Helix Wind Turbine