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The Solar Vest – gadget innovation & fashion violation


solarvest2.jpgThis solar charging vest is ideal for those modern individuals who’s affinity for MP3 players, cellphones and gadgets will always trump their fashion sense.  The weatherproof vest features 4 detachable solar panels that can be placed in the sun to charge the portable rechargeable battery while you’re wasting your time in your subterranean Wii cave.  The vest comes with several charging adapters and the battery sports AC and USB power inputs and 2 DC outputs. The company claims it will even charge some laptops.

In additon to geeky bragging rights, the words ‘Solar Vest‘ are plastered across the back of the item to address any questions about why you’re wearing this thing in downtown Miami.

Couldn’t find any estimate of how long it takes to charge in full sunlight.  I don’t think I’d depend on this vest to charge my phone if I were lost in the Amazonian jungle…

$140 @ via: geeky gadgets

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

LAPTOP Magazine – Green Choice Awards

alm1.jpgConsidering how pervasive and energy sucking laptops are, LAPTOP Magazine rigorously tested the power consumption levels of 16 notebooks to determine who may be the greenest of them all.  Always looking to curb the carbon emissions and save some cash, I was especially interested to see how Mac stacked up.

Check out just how much energy is consumed during the everyday activities of Apple, HP, Dell, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, MSI, ASUS and Toshiba laptops…awards were presented in 4 product categories:   Ultraportables, All-Purpose Notebooks, Desktop Replacements and Netbooks.  Oh, by the way, in the running with Toshiba, HP, and Dell — Apple’s (17-inch) MacBook Pro came in a disappointing third in the Desktop Replacement category.

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Recharge Mower- zero emissions electric ride mower

rechargemowr.jpgHere’s an eco friendly, rechargeable electric ride mower that doesn’t spew air pollution, never needs a tune-up or oil change and probably won’t wake up your neighbors when you go on that crack-of-dawn mowing spree.  The Recharge Mower will run for about 3 hours on an overnight charge (10 to 12 hrs) – just plug it into any wall socket and it will automatically stop charging when fully charged.

The Recharge Mower operates using 3 electric motors and is 50% quieter than conventional mowers.  The drive motor is rated at 900 watts. Each of the 2 blade motors also provide 900 watts of power.  The mower has 3 sealed batteries positioned along the center of the unit which helps improve the stability of the unit by balancing weight.  The mower’s dual cutting blades have 5 cutting heights and the mower can haul a 330 operator around – note: wet grass and heavy riders can reduce operating time.

rechargemwr2.jpgSafety features: Operator Presence Switch – when the operator leaves the seat the unit immediately ceases to function. Blade engagement switch – require 2 actions to initiate the activation of the blade and only when the operator is in the seat.

Notes: According to the company, a typical overnight charge will cost you roughly $0.55. The 27″ width cutting area is slightly less than most conventional ride mowers which usually have a blade width of 34″ to 44″.  The mower comes with an attached. rear grass catcher.  Recharge also offers additional mower accessories, including a garden trailer and lawn roller which will cost you extra.

the mower will run you $2,195 @ (the company is currently offering free shipping)

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Alison Raffaele Cosmetics – Pure and Effective

When makeup artist Alison Raffaele started her own cosmetics line in 2000, her True Concealer quickly became a hit among fellow makeup artists and in-the-know consumers. We recently chatted with Raffaele at The Makeup Show in New York City. She told us that she simplified and relaunched the line in 2008, introducing a revamped range of concealers, foundations and powders that integrate naturally derived anti-aging ingredients.


In fact, Alison Raffaele Cosmetics was one of the few truly green brands on display at The Makeup Show. Raffaele says that because she has to compete with so many conventional, mainstream brands, she understands that her products must be just as effective. So she designed them to provide maximum results with minimal effort and skill, all while being great for the skin. The formulas contain a proprietary Frutta di Vita antioxidant complex, which contains pomegranate, goji berry and resveratrol to protect and nourish skin. What’s more, all of the products are paraben-, mineral oil- and fragrance-free, and all of the new packaging is biodegradable, recycled and/or recyclable whenever possible.

Our favorite product is the Transparent Finish To Go Brush, a portable, washable and refillable little brush that dispenses Raffaele’s popular Transparent Finish powder directly onto its bristles for quick and easy touch-ups anytime, anywhere! It’s perfect for summer.  store locator

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