solarvest2.jpgThis solar charging vest is ideal for those modern individuals who’s affinity for MP3 players, cellphones and gadgets will always trump their fashion sense.  The weatherproof vest features 4 detachable solar panels that can be placed in the sun to charge the portable rechargeable battery while you’re wasting your time in your subterranean Wii cave.  The vest comes with several charging adapters and the battery sports AC and USB power inputs and 2 DC outputs. The company claims it will even charge some laptops.

In additon to geeky bragging rights, the words ‘Solar Vest‘ are plastered across the back of the item to address any questions about why you’re wearing this thing in downtown Miami.

Couldn’t find any estimate of how long it takes to charge in full sunlight.  I don’t think I’d depend on this vest to charge my phone if I were lost in the Amazonian jungle…

$140 @ via: geeky gadgets